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sora choi

Jang KiYong

Park Ji Hye at Erdem Spring 2015 LFW

Nanette Lepore Fall 2014 RTW

Christian Dior, Spring 1999 photographed by Patrick Demarchelier


idk why they won’t let her do it all, since she obviously doesn’t want to leave gg. they’ve had crazy schedules all this time plus the members have their own endeavours (radio shows, tv shows, movies, etc) on top so why is it different this time? the only thing i can think of is that blanc is under her own name and not sm’s, unlike the other members’ activities, which i think are all picked for them by sm. basically, she can’t take time for things that are only her own. this is sooo sadddd. gg was my introduction into kpop. they’re all getting older so they should be given some leniency when it comes to other activities. the way sm has set it up, it’s all or nothing for them: either they are ot9 or they break up. o(β•―β–‘β•°)o

nooooo u can’t do this ToT

Pardon me.